Universal Glasgow Double Glazed Windows

Providing double glazing to Glasgow and Central Scotland

At Universal we can provide you with a range of different window styles that will fit in perfectly with your home and your individual styling preferences. The products we use for all replacement PVC-U windows and door systems are amongst the leading products available in the UK.

Benefits of Universal Windows

  • Security
    Our reinforcements and multi-locking hardware provide added strength to make your home more secure.

  • Safety
    Comfort and safety should never be compromised through security. In the event of an emergency our windows and doors provide easy and reliable exits that meet all safety standards. Additionally, childproof hinges and locks can be fitted to restrict opening aspects and a night facility is available to allow air circulation while the windows remain in a semi-closed position

  • Low Maintenance
    With PVC-U windows and doors there is no need for painting, sanding or filling, to remove dirt simply wipe over with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

  • Weather Resistant
    No matter what the weather conditions outside, come rain or shine your windows and doors will maintain their appearance and maintain the inside temperature

  • Energy Saving
    The profiles we use to make the frames for your home offer excellent thermal insulation, as the gaskets and weather tight seals shut out draughts while the glazing reflects the heat back into your room. Aspects that will help reduce energy bills.


Get a quote

If you are interested in new windows for your home or would like to enquire further about any of our services you can contact us on 01698 735 000 to discuss your individual requirements or you can click here to contact us online. We can provide you with a free quote or simply discuss further the options that are available to you helping you to get the best value for your money.We have low rate finance available, call us for more details.


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Types of windows and styles available

At Universal we are able to offer a wide range of windows types and styles which gives you the choice in the type of window you would prefer for your home. The types of windows we are able to offer consist of the following:

  • Fixed
    This is the simplest type of window which is fixed and does not open.

  • Hoppers
    These are small top hinge windows which are usually found placed above fixed windows. They can be supplied with various decorative styles which give that extra design feature to your end product.

  • Casement
    Side hung casement windows have side hinges attached to them which means they open like a door. One of the more popular combinations that includes these types of windows are a fixed window with two side openers where the fixed sits in the middle of the side openers.

  • Top Hung Casement 
    These windows are similar to the side hung windows except the hinges are located at the top so the windows open from the bottom.

  • Bay 
    These project out from the house and usually consist of three sides. Bay windows can be fixed panes with attached hoppers at the top or can come with side hung casement windows or simply fixed windows on each side.

  • Tilt and Turn 
    This type of windows style swings to the side like a door (which is very useful and makes ease of cleaning the windows from the inside), or the window can tilt inward at the top which is suitable to increase ventilation.

two varying examples of tilt and turn windows, the first opening from the bottom and the second opening from the side.

two varying examples of tilt and turn windows, the first opening from the bottom and the second opening from the side.